The impact of the Internet on the child pros and cons

The impact of the Internet on the child: pros and cons

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Computers, tablets and mobile phones are closely integrated into our daily lives. Kids also stretch to the buttons and screens, imitating the habits of adults. But can children spend their leisure time on the Internet? Many parents have doubts about this.

“Friendship” child with the Internet – good or bad? Pros and cons of the impact of the Internet on children, we propose to consider in our article.

The negative impact of the Internet on children

  1. The posture and vision of the child first suffer from frequent and long sitting in front of the screen.
  2. In order for the child to develop comprehensively, he needs to regularly spend time on walks, for live communication with his peers. Modern kids after school do not chase the ball around the yard but hurry to go on the Internet, where you can talk with your friends through social networks. Chatting in chat is devoid of many of the benefits of full face-to-face communication.
  3. When all thoughts of the kid are absorbed by the Internet, the harm is obvious. The child begins to learn worse and loses interest in books. In this case, the parents should limit the contact of the student with the computer and allow surfing the Internet only after the completed lessons.
  4. The Internet is replete with sites that are not intended for children – sites with adult content, video chats, shops, and gambling sites. The baby may stray on them completely by accident, therefore for the sake of safety, it is better to use the “children’s” Internet.

Positive sides of the Internet for children

  1. Schoolchild from the Internet can learn a lot of useful information, new and exciting. Studying information about various phenomena and sights, the baby becomes more erudite and expands its vocabulary.
  2. Children’s educational games can train memory, attention, logic, coordination, and other skills.
  3. Instant messaging saves when a child is sick and wants to talk to classmates, or if there is bad weather outside the window that interferes with the meeting. In addition, written communication via the Internet offers many opportunities for children with disabilities.
  4. In the Internet space, it is easy for a child to look for like-minded people. For example, in social networks devoted to drawing, music or dancing. From the Internet, children can learn a lot of information about their favorite hobby and get an impetus to self-development.

The Internet can help your child develop and learn the world if you control the time spent by the baby in front of the screen. Restrict access to unreliable resources so that the student benefits from, rather than harms, the Internet and communication in the virtual world.

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