How to set your child on fire. Step by step guide.

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So how to make a little evil? If you follow this easy steps all angels will cry for sure…

  • Every time he smiles, tell him that he will cry later!

  • Every time he asks for sweet, tell him that if you pay now — he will pay in the future!

  • If he asks for Apple — say that this company is too big for his little ass for now!

  • Every time you laugh tell him that he is the biggest joke in the room.

  • If he wants to play with you — tell him that all games are gone!

  • If he wants to play with other kids — tell him that these kids are busy, but he can still watch!

  • Forget him in the market from time to time — let him feel different.

  • Wish him a happy night at Christmas and that`s all! Tell him that Christmas will come for those who are sleeping well at night.

  • When someone praises him — close his ears. The best praise is silence and nothing more.

Finally! If you wish your child to have at least his own dreams. Never dream for him! Dreams are real only for your head. Fake dreams are coming from others…

Life is something that is given as a present. Not by mistake. Let your child dream while sleeping well at night. One day, he will show you a new reality!

Mistakes for those who don’t want to feel the same. At least one mistake is enough for a beautiful life.

Maybe you don’t realize, but best angels are born from devils. They can hate something now, but they will love everything later. The only thing we need is patience and some time…

Love & Light to you and your child!

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